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EUR/USD: US dollar is behind the euro, although it secretly wants to take the lead

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The Euro currency rose after the ECB’s monetary policy meeting. However, experts believe that this fact has caused a significant blow to the dominance of the US dollar.

As a result of the meeting, the European regulator retained its previous monetary strategy. However, analysts are confident that representatives of the regulator may change the current decision and revise the quantitative easing (QE) programs at the next meeting.

The “dovish” comments of ECB chairman Christine Lagarde helped the euro to rise and bypass its dollar rival in the EUR/USD pair. In particular, the euro was supported by statements about inflation. The regulator expects further growth in the near future and subsequent decline during 2022. According to Lagarde, the eurozone economy continues to recover, although at a slower pace than expected.

The current situation allowed the EUR/USD pair to break through the upper limit of the current range and briefly rise to 1.1700. On Thursday, the bullish mood remained for this instrument, when it managed to reach a new monthly high of 1.1686. On the morning of Friday, the pair slightly lost its position, trading near the level of 1.1670. It was supported by the collapse of the US dollar across the entire spectrum of the market.

The US currency collapsed to its lowest level in a month on the background of the triumphant euro. Experts emphasize that this decline occurred at the maximum pace over the past two weeks. The disappointing data on US GDP also worsened the situation. According to the US Department of Commerce, this figure increased by 2% in the third quarter of 2021, which turned out to be worse than forecasts. It can be recalled that analysts expected GDP to rise by 2.6%. However, the spread of the COVID-19 delta strain and supply disruptions have made their own adjustments.

This year, the American economy showed higher growth rates, which contributed to the overestimated expectations of specialists. In the first quarter of 2021, US GDP increased by 6.3% per annum, and in the second quarter, it reached a record 6.7%. However, the indicators of the third quarter brought the markets below, disappointing with their statistics.

According to economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal, supply disruptions will continue in the United States until the middle of next year. This problem, along with the shortage of goods, will negatively affect further production in the country. In such a situation, experts warn that consumer spending will sharply decrease, and inflation rates will remain high.

An additional factor that pressures the US dollar is the expectation of a reduction in the Fed’s stimulus programs. Many experts believe that the regulator will begin to cut incentives starting next month and it will raise the interest rate in 2022. The implementation of such a scenario will allow the EUR/USD pair to test the level of 1.1680 and head to new peaks. According to currency strategists at TD Securities, extrapolating the strength of the euro may create problems in the EUR/USD pair before the Fed meeting, at which a reduction in incentives will be announced.

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