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Bitcoin is at a crossroads right now, and only retail can help digital gold grow in price

Bitcoin starts the new week very unsuccessfully. Digital gold is back in price and is rolling back to the milestone of 41,500. There are no new catalysts for bitcoin’s growth yet.

Following bitcoin, the altcoin market went down, which is directly related to the coin. Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger, a hardware wallet provider for cryptocurrencies, believes that the only thing that will be able to revive Bitcoin and allow it to start an upward movement is retail.

Pascal Gauthier shared his opinion on the future of bitcoin in an interview with CNBC. Gauthier believes that the situation that is currently being observed is not something out of the ordinary.

Bitcoin does not find any more catalysts that can return to the bullish track. Retail remains the only option for bitcoin price reversal.

Retail companies should work hard to implement Bitcoin in payment methods for goods. The more companies introduce Bitcoin, the faster digital gold will resume its bullish movement.

Retail is on the rise now, more and more people are using Bitcoin. So now is the best time for global bitcoin and retail cooperation.

Pascal Gauthier believes that with the right interaction of retail and bitcoin in 2022, digital gold will be able to try to return to its historical highs. Gauthier is sure that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that has a place to be but long-lived.

He is surprised that many altcoins want to bypass Bitcoin only at the expense of HYPE, which comes for one year and no more. Gauthier believes that only Solana, which has its blockchain and a good ecosystem, and ethereum can compete with bitcoin.

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